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@LeaksApplePro, a regular insider on Apple rumors, claims to know more about the pricing model subscription iPhone that seems to be brewing behind the scenes. The principle is simple: pay each month a certain amount to the manufacturer, in exchange it provides you with a mobile permanently and that you can change as soon as the next generation is released.

A tempting offer? According to some analysts, it is quite possible. But still it would be necessary that the price is accessible. However, to get an idea of ​​the amount to be paid, a formula devised by Apple would precisely calculate it.

52 euros per month for an iPhone 14?

According to the same source, the iPhone 14 (classic model) would be sold for 899 euros in France. To this, it would then be necessary subtract the value of the device from the Trade In, Apple’s exchange program to buy a new phone. Taking the example of that of the iPhone 12 – new, it is worth as much as the iPhone 13 – i.e. 445 euros, we then arrive at 454 euros.

Then, let’s divide by the number of months in a year: 454/12 = approximately 37.83 euros. Finally, let’s add the monthly sum to be paid to take advantage of AppleCare+ in the event that the protection is included in the package. This costs around 14 euros (169 euros for a single purchase for the iPhone 13), which therefore gives a total of 37.83 + 14 ≈ 52 euros.

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For comparison, Bouygues Telecom offers the iPhone 13 at 32.99 euros per month for one year and 49.99 euros per month thereafter with a Sensation 90 GB package, without the down payment.

A much more practical solution

Today, in France, equipping yourself with Apple equipment by spreading out the payment is not so easy. It is indeed necessary to be professional or to turn to foreign sellers, for the simplest alternatives. By finally offering a leasing homemade, the apple brand therefore has every chance of meeting a pressing need for the tightest budgets.

What’s more, the pack AppleOne which makes it possible to subscribe to several services at the same time such as TV+, Arcade or iCloud already has the appropriate structure to convince new prospects or bring them upmarket (upselling).

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