A first external battery compatible with MagSafe has just arrived

MagSafe charge fast

With the news of the return of MagSafe and its arrival on the backs of the iPhone 12 as Apple’s new means of wireless charging, accessories companies of all kinds have had to work overtime. It was necessary to readjust their entire range to come and fit perfectly with the Apple magnet.

A job that took them time, but the first products compatible with this new Apple MagSafe have just appeared on the market. The Charge Fast company was one of the very first to market a product compatible with the new wireless charging system from the Apple brand. The small external battery that the company has just produced promises a wireless charging capacity of up to 15W, but it also has a USB-C port for its own charging, but also for charging by cable. , then limited to 20W.

The small battery works the same as the MagSafe wallet that Apple introduced a little over a month ago. The device sticks to the back of the phone and charges it wirelessly. For the moment Charge Fast offers three colors for the external battery, blue, green and black.

MagSafe accessories, necessarily more expensive?

As this battery is manufactured by a third party manufacturer, like the vast majority of products of this type, it is not “approved” by Apple. Nonetheless, it appears to be a fairly good quality product, its starting price is $ 89.99, but it does get a holiday discount, increasing its price to $ 44.99. For the moment, there is no information on the Charge Fast website as to the company’s ability to deliver in Europe or France.

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More generally, the arrival of MagSafe technology should have an impact on the price of accessories. The addition of a magnetized part within its last (shells, external batteries…) will have a significant cost.

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