a foldable iPhone like Galaxy Z Flip


For many years, the smartphone world must have been hit by a major revolution, the arrival (or more exactly the return) of folding phones. If the Galaxy Fold or Z Flip were the two flagships of this industry, the world of the folding smartphone remains a technological niche, still out of reach of the general public, both for technological and financial questions.

A foldable iPhone: from dream to reality?

But things may well change in the next few years. Indeed, the major Android manufacturers are all offering their foldable products, and Apple, which guides a large part of the market, could do the same.

If no date has yet been given, the first concepts have already flourished, giving free rein to the inspiration of their inventor. In this latest concept, the author (ADR Studio) is betting that Apple will produce an iPhone with a horizontal fold (like Samsung’s Z Flip) rather than a vertical fold which would have given it a closer look of the Korean giant’s Fold.

In this concept, in which the screen occupies the heart of the matter, ADR Studio did not hesitate to imagine more than a form factor, but a whole assembly.

A foldable iPhone with the M1 chip?

They thus propose to put an M1 chip, reserved today for Macs and iPads, in an “Air” iPhone. The latter should make it possible to boost the performance of the phone while limiting its energy consumption. A rather unlikely choice, especially when you know that Apple is developing A-series chips specifically for the iPhone.

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For the moment Apple has, as usual, made no announcement on a possible foldable iPhone that could hit the market in the coming years. However, several sources fairly close to the brand have confirmed that the idea had repeatedly crossed the corridors of Apple Park, and that it was ultimately only a matter of time.

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