A former Lamborghini director joins the Apple Car project

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Luigi Taraborrelli, former director of engineering and R&D for Lamborghini decided to join Apple after more than 20 years spent in Italy working on the most luxurious cars in the world for the bull firm. This recruitment on the Apple side obviously echoes the great “Titan” project.

This program, which should allow Apple to produce and market an “Apple Car” in the coming years, began in 2014. At the time, the Cupertino company was working on the development of Carplay, but the project quickly took hold. completely different dimensions.

Since “Titan” has evolved, and the idea is indeed to produce an “Apple” car. According to the latest information about it, this vehicle could be fully autonomous, to the point that Apple has asked government authorities for permission to remove the steering wheel and brake pedal from its car.

Announced by Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman for 2025, the Apple Car should be a real revolution in the automotive world. At the moment the most advanced cars in terms of autonomy are able to park themselves, but none have a level high enough to remove human use.

Apple needs to find partners

The recruitment of Luigi Taraborrelli is therefore very good news for Apple and Kevin Lynch, the father of the Apple Watch, who is also behind Apple’s electric and autonomous car project. But this new CV which has just been added to the list does not, however, solve all of Apple’s problems.

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Indeed, the brand must find partners to design its car, it is now its top priority. The Cupertino company has neither the experience, nor the knowledge, nor the infrastructure to produce electric and autonomous cars in large quantities.

Apple therefore entered into discussions with various manufacturers around the world. It seems that the most advanced exchanges took place last year with Hyundai, but the Korean manufacturer finally decided to withdraw from the project, not wanting to become a simple “subcontractor” for the Apple brand.

Taraborrelli: to give an Italian soul to the Apple Car

The arrival of Luigi Taraborrelli will not solve this problem of partners for Apple, but Apple could use the engineer’s 20 years of experience at Lamborghini to bring back with him the Italian philosophy of the racing car. Lamborghini is a singular brand, known for having an extraordinary design, Taraborrelli may do the same with the Apple Car.

In any case, it will be interesting to see when the car leaves the car what level of involvement Taraborrelli has had and whether he brought Italian ideas back in his suitcases when he arrived.

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