A gem among the ruins

Nico Melamed.

The torpor. If in the preseason games the illusion camouflages the usual torpor, there is no possible consolation in those that are played when everything is decided in the championship. In summer the fan clings to the green shoots, but in spring and in a club where everything is as uncertain as in the Spanish decay covers every corner. A clear example was the first part perpetrated by the Vincent Moreno in view of Osasuna45 minutes where any plan was better, all covered by a tense calm that only broke in the 26th minute when the first chants of “Rufete go away”.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

The crowd wakes up. But that bankruptcy multiplied in the 42nd minute. Alex Vidal chained two consecutive errors that led to a deadly play by Osasuna. Pass of Budimir into space and goal Barge. The Navarrese team celebrated with enthusiasm, Espanyol continued like a banshee on the pitch. Whistling, chants of “Rufete, go now”, “we’re fed up with the balls”, “ROTRdT” and boos every time Vidal touched the ball. White scarves for a present that looked pitch black.

Punishment and redemption. A coal, a symbol of punishment, which ended for the striker from Madrid at the break although the coach argued the technical issues of his substitution. RdT entered to applause along with Melendo. Osasuna lowered its revolutions and Espanyol found its best minutes in the weak tone of the match. Melendo and the top scorer perico improved the performance of wu lei and an invisible morlaneswhich together with yangel herrera They dynamited a midfield that was a highway for the team of slay in the first 45 minutes. It is curious how many footballers have not been able to offer this course the performance that they are supposed to. Morlanes or Yangel, the tip of a ‘titanic’ iceberg.

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A play of the match with Aleix Vidal’s mistake.

systems and players. Espanyol also improved with the change of system. The 5-3-2 only worked for the coach in the Metropolitan before a Athletic of hangover by its elimination in the Championsso in the second part he decided to return to his natural state, with Cabrera false left-back and Melamed, which entered like the erupting volcano that is always expected of him, as extreme. His electricity unloaded the 1-1 and provoked the best plays of an Espanyol that recovered the pulse of the match. Even some fans went down to the bar for a moment to get some popcorn and the stands began to applaud and get into the game. Accepted the tedium, any small gesture was an enormity, and the second part of the parakeet team at least deserved it.

Everything is confusing. The point allows Espanyol to reach 40, a firm salvation that helps drive away the most apocalyptic theories always present in the parakeet environment. But a point that demonstrates again, because of how the meeting went, the inconsistency and irregularity of a team that confuses messages and decisions as much as its own leaders. One less week to find out what the future holds.

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