A hacker may be able to take control of your Mac


Some problems for Safari 15

  • some users crash the browser when trying to add a YouTube video to their favorites:

The alternative is to create a favorites folder for YouTube videos and manually drag and drop the desired web pages into it. A habit that is not easy to take …

  • some sites just don’t load anymore, as we can see in these pictures:

No apparent risk to privacy so far. The solution, meanwhile, aims to disable reading JavaScript from Safari settings, a hell of a burden at a time when many developers use it.

Finder in danger?

Bleeping Computer, which already warned earlier about a potentially dangerous virus for macOS, has just proven that a security breach now lurks in certain Internet users when they open the attachment of an email. The fault is a vulnerability (or a simple oversight?) Of the code of Finder – the file explorer of Macs which allows access to their files and applications – and the creation of shortcuts.

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The targets of possible attacks are those running on Big Sur, released during WWDC 2021, but previous versions of the operating system are also affected. Apple did try to release a patch, but it wouldn’t have been enough to close the gap entirely. Since then, the public is in the dark as to a resolution of the concern by the Cupertino company.

The best advice to follow, for the moment, is not to open anything whose extension ends with .inetloc.

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