A hidden means of communication on the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

A new official document from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission for Federal Communications Commission, the American equivalent of ARCEP) unveils an unprecedented secret concerning Apple’s connected watches released in mid-September. Indeed, these are actually capable of transferring data using the 60.5 GHz frequency bands.

For the moment, however, it is impossible to know why, but what is certain is that end customers do not have access to this advantage. It also seems to be reserved for internal Apple teams, who probably use it to transfer maintenance files. What’s more, according to FCC files uncovered by analysts at Barclays, it is necessary to use a proprietary dock to connect to the Series 7 in this way. However, no such accessory is known to date.

Other affected devices

This is not the first time that information of this kind has reached us: already during the marketing of its original edition in 2015, the Apple Watch had been spotted with a secret diagnostic socket. The media then assumed that it was favored by certain technicians at Genius Bar seeking to identify possible technical problems reported by consumers.

Another example: that of the Apple TV 4K, this time equipped with a… Lightning plug.

The Series 7 is still waiting

The support that allows you to pair with this connector bears the model number A2687 and is powered via a universal USB-C port. This is more than reliable information: the researchers who shared it (Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley) in fact relied on an official deposit dating from last August to confirm their statements, that is to say all. just before the presentation of the Series 7.

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To date, the wearable does not yet have a launch date. Its manufacturer has just clarified that the device will arrive by this fall, but without adding details. The French price is not known either but should be around 479 euros if Apple maintains an exchange rate similar to that of the Series 6, the price having already been unveiled in the United States.

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