A key feature of the iPad Pro coming soon to the iPad mini?

iPad mini 6

During our test of the sixth generation iPad mini, we were blown away by its performance, its compact size and of course its very successful proprietary operating system. On the other hand, it was quite difficult to pinpoint the target of this device, as its strengths are similar to its big brothers Air and Pro without having a sufficient screen size to compete with the “classic” iPad and its 10, 2 inches diagonally.

And yet. According to a rumor identified on a Korean forum, the content of which remains to be verified, of course, Apple has just ordered a 120 Hz panel from Samsung Display with a diagonal of… 8.3 inches, which is exactly the same size as the iPad current mini. Remember that such a rate can display up to one hundred and twenty images per second on the screen, a sign that it may be a ProMotion display. This technology, signed Apple, also offers the possibility of gaining autonomy by choosing the desired frequency according to different tasks.

The price could be a problem

As the source specifies, however, this would only be a test here and no one knows if Cupertino has actually validated the results of this component. Its price seems to be higher than previously, which is perhaps understood by the additional advantages which the consumer would benefit from. Remember that the iPad mini 6 costs 559 euros in France, an amount that is already not within the reach of everyone. It is therefore difficult to imagine the public’s reaction to a further increase in this amount.

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A welcome choice of disk space

According to information from the forum, the iPad equipped with this screen would have 4 GB of RAM for 128 GB of internal storage. Its processor, meanwhile, would be an Apple silicon A15 chip clocked at 3.23 GHz. Data substantially similar to those of the current sixth generation iPad mini, with the difference that the latter offers two different storage options: 68 GB or 256 GB (729 euros).

While the latter setup is the most expensive, the former might have a hard time convincing users who want to install lots of apps or take lots of snapshots. It would therefore be more than judicious to propose an in-between: let’s hope that it is not just a simple test, or that it will be transformed.

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