a Legacy of Love” on TV and streaming?

a Legacy of Love" on TV and streaming?

Televisa-Univision have several proposals this year in terms of telenovelas. One of them, and one of great traction with the public, is “La Herencia: A Legacy of Love”, starring Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa.

The production of this new soap opera is in charge of Juan Osorio and Roy Rojas. “This project carries the heritage of classic soap operas where something very important was combined: a great love story, with suspense, unforgettable villains, beautiful landscapes… The most important thing: a fight between good and evil where a legacy of love,” Rojas told the press.

Fiction is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm on Las Estrellas. On television it can be seen through this channel and via streaming you can enjoy this story, accessing the official page of Las Estrellas.

The complete chapters are available for 10 days, after that time on the Internet you can only see them on Blim TV and IZZI TV.

“La Herencia, a Legacy of Love” has a cast made up of television stars: Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil, Daniel Elbittar, Mauricio Henao, Sergio Basáñez, Rafael Inclán, Julián Gil, Paulina Matos, Amaranta Ruiz, Tiaré Scanda, Juan Carlos Barreto, Verónica Jaspeado, Roberto Blandón, Gloria Aura, Christian Ramos and Diego De Erice, among others.

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