A lion roars in Tenerife

A lion roars in Tenerife

José León’s first goal with the Tenerife shirt it earned him to overtake his own in the tie against Las Palmasalthough everything was left very open and will be decided on Saturday in Gran Canaria.

ramis surprised in his lineup with the presence of Mellot to leg changed playing on the left and with the commitment to Alex Bermejo. Garcia Pepperfor his part, had to choose Rafa Mujica up front due to Sadiku’s inconvenience who was the first candidate. Jesse also returnedbut his ownership was a fact.

Despite this, the match started as expected: with the yellows dominating the ball and the blue and whites waiting for their moment, but the goals were still far away for both. Charles Ruiz from the center of the field he wanted to surprise Vallesadvanced, but shot wide (10′).

Shield/Flag Tenerife

As Viera was well guarded, Lemos was the first to test Soriano (14′), but without power. Little by little, the people from Gran Canaria began to gain a foothold, forcing the locals to commit fouls, bordering on yellow. A) Yes, Moore saved the 0-1 that Jonathan was looking for on the line (26′).

against, Enric Gallego had the opening of the scoring: very alone inside the area he shot the crossbar (29′). This action emboldened the public and those of Ramis responded by taking a step forward. And they had their reward because José León established the 1-0 with a shot that deflected in Mfulu.

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head had Mario the second and then also Henrybut in both cases avoided it Valles with the foots. In the next action the tie almost came, but Charles Ruiz He cleared when the ball went in. Crazed came the duel at rest.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

As soon as the second half started, Soriano’s hands appeared to send Moleiro’s possible 1-1 to the corner. It took a few minutes for Tenerife to activate to level the match and almost lock up their rival under the nose of a sure Vallés. Las Palmas did not see the ball and for this reason the coach moved his bench with Maikel Mesa and Rober.

The former Betis player had a good chance, but he found himself again with the firmness of the local goalkeeper (68′). Moments later it was Kirian who brushed the tie, although he shot just wide. With fifteen minutes to go, he was able to change the course of the game as the visiting goalkeeper was asked for a red card for a header on Andrés that the referee did not consider.

The final stretch was frantic because fatigue was already beginning to be the protagonist. Las Palmas sought to level the story, but Tenerife knew how to defend the victory very well which ended up being fair.

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Robert Gonzalez (61′, Rafa Mujica), Maikel Table (61′, Jesse), Andres Martin (64′, Mario Gonzalez), Sergio Gonzalez (64′, Alex Corredera), Elady (69′, Alex Bermejo), Pejino (78′, Alberto Moleiro), orchards (88′, Victor Mollejo)


Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva
VAR Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Shaq Moore (52′, Yellow


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