A Mac mini for 2022 and a Mac Pro for 2023 according to Kuo


Apple could make a lot of announcements during its first keynote of the year on Tuesday. Among the expected products, an iPhone SE which is at the heart of all the rumors, but not only. The Apple brand is about to launch new Macs, including a Mac mini.

An idea spread by analysts of the Cupertino company, even the famous Ming-Chi Kuo pushes in this direction. In a very recent tweet, the expert from TF Securities assures that Apple should offer a Mac Mini with improved performance during the year 2022. The analyst does not, however, get wet on a more precise date for the release of this computer. It could be at the Peek Performance conference this week, or later in the year.

Mac mini in 2022 without further details

In the rest of his post on Twitter, the analyst explains that the Cupertino company should continue the deployment of a new range of office products during the year 2022, and 2023. For this year he explains that Apple should also offer a new monitor screen, especially for its Mac mini.

This screen should be cheaper than what the Apple brand has already offered so far. It could be presented either during the conference on Tuesday or later in the year. This screen should be, according to Kuo, 27 inches, but without Mini-LED technology.

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iMac Pro and Mac Pro, not before 2023 assures Kuo

For the future of the firm, Kuo estimates that the Apple brand should offer two new computers in 2023, including a new Mac Pro and an iMac Pro. These two very high-end products should therefore take a little more time before moving on to the M1 and perhaps M2 chips.

A very different analysis from other brand experts who expect the Cupertino company to present Pro models and an improved Mac mini soon. As a reminder, Apple’s small desktop computer was updated in 2020 when the M1 chips were released, at the same time as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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