A MacBook Pro without a display can still come in handy


A Reddit user, UsedBee4306, shared a few days ago an interesting installation based on MacBook Pro where you can easily recognize the lower part of the machine … the rest having disappeared. Instead of the damaged screen, the handyman simply connected an external monitor from another brand. The power ports and video outputs being located on the edge of the computer, all you had to do was start everything.

And it works: as we can see in the images, the operating system runs smoothly, which can be controlled via the touchpad or the Magic Mouse placed nearby. Of course, needless to say, if you attempt a similar manipulation yourself, it is likely that the manufacturer will not appreciate your find and will blow the warranty: so better to avoid.

Rather clever as recycling

As one of the comments notes, this is an effective idea to combat waste: “as of today if i see a photo of macbook with a broken screen again and the question is how to fix it i will just share a link to this post“. Another added meanwhile wanting to try the experiment with a device dating from 2008, which would also be possible with a 15-inch from 2017.

To do this, you will need to be patient: according to a tutorial written by the famous site iFixit, a specialist in the disassembly of Apple products, more than twenty proprietary screws must be extracted from the aluminum shell to separate it from the slab. The purchase of a suitable screwdriver is therefore necessary, which does not necessarily facilitate the task.

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When the screen is finally removed, all you have to do is plug in the control module with keys and trackpad. If a USB Wi-Fi adapter was used here, it is obviously also possible to use the traditional HDMI cable. You can find it for less than ten euros at some online retailers, not to mention the possible additional cost for compatibility with a Thunderbolt plug.

A problem that will not know the new MacBook Pro announced at the end of 2021. They are indeed equipped with “new ports” including one precisely for imaging, which delighted the first testers to have been able to get their hands on it.

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