A migrant was detected a tapeworm that had been lodged in his brain for 20 years

El hombre presentaba un "estado mental alterado" debido a las solitarias que se habían enterrado en su cerebro hace más de 20 años.

The man had an “altered mental state” due to tapeworms that had buried themselves in his brain more than 20 years ago.

Photo: FRED TANNEAU / AFP / Getty Images

A man who suffered from constant headaches and had mysterious seizures he had tapeworms living in his brain for decades.

The finding was discovered by researchers in Massachusetts last week when they found that the man had an “altered mental state” due to the lonely ones that had buried themselves in his brain more than 20 years ago.

The taenia, commonly known as tapeworm or tapeworm, is a genus of parasitic flatworms of the Cestoda class that causes two types of parasitic diseases, depending on whether they are produced by their adult phase or by their larval phase.

The 38-year-old Guatemalan, who has not been identified and recently migrated to the United States, was evaluated after suffering the first seizure that led him to speak incoherently.

The findings, which were published in The New England Journal of Medicine last week, came after experts from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School began studying the man’s mysterious symptoms.

The researchers determined that he had contracted tapeworm while living in rural Guatemala and found that the man had a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.

Although the man’s eyes were open, but with a slightly upward gaze, he was combative and disoriented before his arrival at the hospital, additionally he did not respond to verbal signals or demands.

Doctors were alarmed because the man had no history of illness, did not use drugs or drugs, and rarely drank alcohol.

Instead, he was prescribed two doses of lorazepam that were given intravenously seven minutes apart and a tube was placed to protect his airways.

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