A model of iPadOS 16 to give ideas to Apple

iPadOS 16 concept

Although iPads are the best-selling tablets, some still find fault with them. The argument that comes up most often is that of a possible under-exploitation technical and virtual capabilities of the device. Indeed, if we compare it with a real touchscreen computer, its performance is quickly limited. Even with a Magic Keyboard plugged into the Smart Connector.

Parker Ortolani, who we have already seen behind another concept this time dedicated to the iPhone, has thus imagined what an iPadOS 16 would look like, inspired by the most frequent requests from its users. Starting with that of a better mode multitaskinghere represented by the possibility of displaying up to four apps at the same time on the screen.


Another suggestion: bring Mission Control, the flagship feature of Macs, to a tablet. This would allow users to sort their open apps as they wish and do the same with files. With the bonus of a search bar dedicated to spotlightwe would then easily find a document being modified, which should delight those who are used to working on several at the same time.

Ortolani also proposes to finally deploy the floating windows. Overlapping the rest of the interface, these are already available on Android and are appreciated when it comes, for example, to perform an operation with the calculator without leaving its flight comparator. A second scenario is that of searching for photos, which is often more efficient from the gallery than via its integration into a messaging app.

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iPadOS 16 may also not limit the use of icons to apps, widgets and shortcuts. Again, as on the computer, it would be wise to be able to place on what looks like a real office files of all kinds. Apple TV+ series, image, music album, e-book…

Finally, how about a Fashion Studio which, going even further than what the Universal command with the pointer, would move its application windows to another screen? With a simple swipe of the finger, this solution would use AirPlay and could be compatible with the iMac M1 or the Studio Display.

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