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CleanMyMac X sur macOS

CleanMyMac X is a Mac software signed by the MacPaw company. It has other macOS software in the catalog, including Gemini, dedicated to finding duplicates on Mac. But unlike the latter for very specific use, CleanMyMac is presented as a much more complete tool, and this since its very first version. Originally seen as a cleaning software, it was able to gain different functionalities over the course of its iterations to finally arrive on the Mac App Store in spring 2020 in version X.

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Precisely, we took advantage of its release on the Apple Mac application store to present it to you in more detail, as part of a complete test of CleanMyMac X since I have personally been a user of the software in question since many years already.

CleanMyMac, what is it for?

Since this version X, CleanMyMac is no longer just a cleaning software, it is also a protection software against malware, but also a very practical tool in the organization and maintenance of its files on your Apple computer.

Here is an overview of its main features. Hang in there, there are many:

Intelligent analysis

This function allows a thorough cleaning of the system. In fact, it starts with a single click different analysis procedures, procedures detailed below and which can also be launched separately. Three main tools are therefore used for this intelligent analysis: “Cleaning”, to remove unnecessary content, “Protection”, to identify files at risk for the security of your machine and “Performance”, to try to optimize the operation of your machine. machine. This is the first action I performed in my CleanMyMac X review.

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This intelligent analysis is to be done regularly, 2 to 4 times a month I would say, and to be preferred for all those who do not like to get their hands dirty. For others, with the other functions of CleanMyMac X detailed below, you really get to the heart of the matter.

Cleaning and storage

The “Cleaning” part of the application focuses on optimizing the storage of your machine. It is useful in trying to recover gigabytes from your hard drive by getting rid of unnecessary files. Several tools are present for this purpose, “System”, “Photos”, “Attachments”, “iTunes” and “Recycle Bins”. They are therefore used to perform the following operations:

System :

  • Correction of errors: deletion of damaged files that could cause malfunctions (left for example by old uninstallation of improperly performed apps)
  • Delete temporary files : to recover disk space and sometimes improve software performance. Be careful, for my part, I advise against deleting temporary files too often, such as application “cache” files. Often these files cache are used to make applications faster, especially for their launch
  • Emptying trashs: reclamation of disk space by forcing the complete emptying of the recycle bin of each disk
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Photo, iTunes, Attachments :

  • Pictures : Optimizing the Photos app’s library and saving disk space
  • itunes : manage iOS updates and remove incomplete iTunes downloads. Can be useful for deleting old backups from your iPhone, which often take up a lot of space
  • Attachments : remove attachments from the Mail app
CleanMyMac X and system scan results

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Protection & confidentiality

These tools focus on the security of your Mac:

  • Malicious files : to remove malware
  • Confidentiality: to find and manage confidential elements, for example by deleting cookies, browsing history of browsers, download history, passwords saved in browsers, etc.

Performance optimizations

Here is the part dedicated to the hunt for the processes responsible for the famous surge of MacBook fans:

  • Optimization: management of processes running in the background and agents on opening, i.e. those firmware that are launched automatically when the Mac starts up
  • Interview : Tasks to free up RAM, remove purgeable space, re-index the Spotlight search function, repair hard drives or run maintenance scripts, etc.

Application management

Among my favorite features, here are those that allow you to manage the applications installed on your Mac:

  • Uninstaller: to properly uninstall applications and their associated files, or restore them to their basic state. This function also allows you to see unused applications and applications that are still running in 32 bits (see also the free Go64 app to list the 32 and 64 bit apps on your Mac)
  • Update : to easily see which apps can be updated
  • Extensions: allows you to remove or deactivate extensions (Spotlight plug-ins, Safari extensions, preference panel, etc.). These can sometimes be installed with software, without even realizing it
CleanMyMac X and updates

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Manage files

Finally, the part dedicated to files will be useful to take care of all those files that you leave lying around on your Mac and which sometimes deserve, like your house, a good spring cleaning:

  • Telescope: gives an overview of the file sizes of your disks. This magnificent tool therefore allows you to quickly be able to sort and see which files take up the most disk space, according to their type, images, videos, etc. This is a novelty that I discovered during my test of CleanMyMac X.
  • Other files: allows you to find old files, or to highlight the heaviest files on your Mac, thanks to different filters
  • Destructive : to delete or force deletion of a file from the hard drive using a secure deletion method, preventing you from being able to find it even after formatting and despite Finder freezes
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Try CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X and telescope

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The interest of CleanMyMac and our opinion

When I install a new Mac or reinstall my Mac, CleanMyMac is one of those apps I turn to first. I’ve been using it for several years now, mainly for two purposes: uninstalling apps and deleting junk files. This is the main reason why I wanted to take this CleanMyMac X review.

Certainly, on macOS, you don’t have to put too much effort into uninstalling an app, even if it has become more complex with time and the evolution of the OS. In short, the majority of applications can simply be dragged to the trash. But in reality, this procedure is not enough to remove everything. The app in question may leave some files in the system, which when added together can have adverse effects on the operation of the OS.

A powerful uninstaller

The uninstall function is therefore one of my favorite functions of CleanMyMac. It searches for files associated with apps and attempts to delete them cleanly. For this tool alone, MacPaw’s software deserves a detour.

CleanMyMac X and Uninstaller

CleanMyMac X, the cleaner

Otherwise, the other big advantage of CleanMyMac X in my opinion is the cleaning of junk files. As stated above, although I do not recommend venturing too much into deleting application caches, some software-related files can be shamelessly trashed. This is particularly the case with translation files, which are used to translate the app into different languages ​​(often several dozen), but also history files. Coming back to the cache files, it is still good to clean up when they reach several gigabytes for one and the same software. And it becomes useful when disk space is running low. But this is a solution which in my opinion should remain of last resort.

If you are looking to clear the cache of software to reclaim the disk space necessary for macOS to function properly, the problem lies elsewhere. Perhaps see if it is not time to change the hard drive for one better provided in TB.

Much more than just a file cleaner

CleanMyMac has more than one trick up its sleeve. And apart from its cleaning functions, I greatly appreciate several of its tools, such as the one for monitoring applications for updates, or the telescope, which is very practical, as is the management of opening agents. Thanks to them, CleanMyMac X allows you to inspect every nook and cranny of your system, without however risking too much of harmful manipulation.

When it comes to improving performance, I personally remain a big fan of the free Onyx app, which I have also used for a long time. But CleanMyMac does very well when it comes to optimizing RAM and hard drives, as it does with everything else. CleanMyMac X is also, in my opinion, much easier to learn than Onyx.

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Test CleanMyMac X


A solution worth the detour

During my test of CleanMyMac X, several points won me over. On the one hand, it’s a set of essential tools in my opinion on Mac. On the other hand, its achievement is exemplary. The application presents clear menus, but also beautiful visuals, not to mention the beautiful colors used, in addition to the many explanatory notes displayed. In short, the app’s interface is pleasing to the eye and above all very clear. CleanMyMac X is therefore both powerful and easy to use, a duo unfortunately not always present for applications of this type.

CleanMyMac X and system scan

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Premium software, the price that goes with it

I actually only have one criticism of CleanMyMac X. It concerns its price. In short, you can get CleanMyMac X in two ways, either by subscription, one year for 39.95 euros for example (with possible reduction for more than one year of subscription), or by permanent license. And that’s where it hurts.

The app in permanent license, intend to pay once for a final purchase, costs 89.95 euros. It’s expensive, very expensive even for many. Especially since this subscription system and this price close to 100 euros appeared recently for CleanMyMac. For my part, I bought version 2 released in 2013 for 23 euros, then version 3 for about the same price.

So of course, I can benefit from a preferential rate (34.97 euros for the final license update) as part of an update from version 3 to X. In addition, MacPaw offers a competitive license, with 40% discount if you have proof of purchase of other cleaning software than CleanMyMac. But all the same, the price is still a bit too high for my taste.

Despite this high price, I can only advise you to get the CleanMyMac X solution, as a definitive purchase if you can afford it. Because when you think about it, she will be of great service to you for several years, 3-4-5, and even more. For example, I have never stopped using CleanMyMac 3 paid 20 euros from 2015 to 2020 and intend to use the new version X for at least as much time.

In the end, given its status as essential on macOS, you can therefore go there with your eyes closed, and this CleanMyMac X test confirms me in this opinion.

Buy CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

€ 39.95

WE love

  • Many tools
  • Successful interface
  • Really effective

We like less

  • High price in final purchase
  • Beware of “over-deletion”

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