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‘A New Day’: This is how the Telemundo morning show ended


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After almost 13 years in the mornings of Telemundo, ‘A new day’, (before ‘Get up!’), came to an end, to give way to what promises to be an innovative show and never seen before: ‘Today’.

This Friday, February 12, was the last program, Adamari Lopez Y Chiqui Baby, who will continue in the new show, said goodbye presenting a piece of what will be the morning of Telemundo from February 15.

Francisco Cáceres, a collaborator of the program, who will continue in this role in the new stage, prepared a special, of the new, as a farewell to the old.

It showed in fast motion with a 6,000-square-foot studio built, which has huge screens, lots of light, a large kitchen, a giant space for news, a living room, a lot of modernity in the style of American shows, and far from the ‘ colorful houses of those that are usually dedicated to Latinos.

In the piece you can see how they rehearsed all these weeks within the new set, with a single absence in person, that of Nacho Lozano, who still, at least until Friday, was still in Mexico, and we will not know if he will start from there or will arrive in Miami and enter a formal quarantine.

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However, if they were Nicole Suárez, Arantxa Loiazaga, Chef Alfredo Orpeza, Ada and Chiquibaby.

“It is time to renew the mornings for Hispanics in the United States and this is the best option”Chiquibaby said upon returning.

Cáceres thanked all those who were in front of and behind the camera in the cycle that ends, with the promise that a better one will come.

And without memories of the 13 years, specials with whom they lived, or the invitation of the presenters who passed throughout the morning show, they said goodbye with the promise that on Monday, at 7/6 PM Central, ‘ Today ‘will be the best option.





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- Advertisement -'A New Day': This is how the Telemundo morning show ended'A New Day': This is how the Telemundo morning show ended

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- Advertisement -'A New Day': This is how the Telemundo morning show ended'A New Day': This is how the Telemundo morning show ended

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