A new “highly cited” label for “Top stories” articles (Google News)

News articles referenced in the “Top Stories” box in Google search results will soon have a new label dedicated to articles quoted in source several times by other recognized media. Called “highly cited” for English-language results, this new “highly cited” or “frequently cited” label should also be deployed in France soon.

“Highly cited” label: what conditions must be met for it to be displayed?

highly cited label google.jpg
Preview of the new “highly cited” label in Google search results

Any type of article that goes up in the “Top Stories” section of Google results will be able to obtain this new “highly cited” label: interview, news article, survey, local news, press release, etc.

To appear on an article, the publication must have been quoted “numerous” times by other media.

Google, however, did not specify the number of citations required for the “highly cited” label appears on an article.

What impacts can be expected?

Highly cited articles that have this label could obtain a increased visibility in the insert “Top stories” and therefore benefit from a better SEO click-through rate.

What is the expected deployment date?

Announced on March 31, 2021, this new feature should see the light of day in the United States and on English-language results first before being deployed more widely in all countries of the world, including France, “in the coming weeks”.

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