a New Important Algorithm Update has been deployed!

On May 25, 2022, Google announced a new important update to its algorithm managing the organic ranking of search results: the may 2022 core update.

May Core Update 2022: what to remember

  • As usual, Google does not give any details on the evolution of its algorithm other than ” substantial improvements were rolled out with this algorithmic update dubbed “ May 2022 core update“.
  • The ” Core Updates » from Google aim toimprove the overall relevance of search results from the Mountainview search engine.
  • As usual, the update will be rolled out gradually worldwide within one to two weeks starting May 25, 2022.
  • Google always recommends focusing on creating quality content.

What impacts in France since May 25, 2022?

google may 2022 core update france
Fluctuation of SERPs in France following the Google May 2022 Core Update

Although the update takes on average up to 2 weeks to roll out worldwide, the French SERPs seem to have been impacted as early as May 26, 2022 if we are to believe the SEMrush Sensor.

To follow in “real time” the evolution of the volatility of SERPs (search results pages), here is the data from SEMrush over the last few days (updated daily):

the SEMrush Sensor analyzes the positions of millions of sites to determine their level of volatility. The more significant changes are observed (rise or fall), the higher the indicator. SEMrush also displays the sectors that have the highest volatility.

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