a new interactive map to find local businesses and activities around a location!

Instagram has just launched its own version of Google Maps: an interactive map to discover places, restaurants, bars, sights, parks and activities around a place.

From today, Instagram offers the possibility to all its users to discover restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, views and parks and gardens near a place, directly from its application.

To access this new feature, simply perform a location or city search then click on the section ” Premises“.

Once on the page dedicated to Instagram publications associated with a location, an interactive map is now available.

places instagram maps
Preview of the new “Instagram Maps” feature

It displays a summary of relevant places according to Instagram classified by type (restaurants, cafes, views, hotels, parks and gardens, bars).

By clicking on a category, the Internet user accesses a list of places of which he can have a quick overview via the public publications of Instagram users who have visited the place and shared a photo by tagging the place in question.

When clicking on a highlighted place, it is possible for the Internet user to request the route to get to this place by clicking on the three small dots located at the top right of the highlighted place.

The Internet user also has access to the stories recently shared on each location.

If he likes a place, it is possible to share it to another Instagram account via Instagram messaging.

Here is an overview of how this new Instagram interactive card works in video.

A new way for bars, restaurants and hotels to get organic visibility on Instagram?

The more places are tagged by Internet users on publications and stories, the more likely they are to be positioned in the list of places highlighted by Instagram.

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If Instagram has not yet communicated on the positioning criteria, there is a good chance that the total number of tags of a place (in story or publication) weighs heavily in the referencing of places.

This new feature will therefore allow the most cited companies on this network to obtain very interesting free organic visibility.

Friends community managers of bars, restaurants, hotels, cultural places…, all you have to do is find good ideas to encourage your visitors to tag your company on Instagram posts and Stories to hope to improve your positioning on this new feature offered. by the social network.

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