A new mockup of the iPad mini 6 in the wild

iPad mini 6

An 8.4-inch screen accompanied by a proprietary processor for the first time on this range: this is what the technical sheet of the next Apple tablet would have in store for us. In order to insert a larger slab in its product, the manufacturer would have simply chosen to abandon the home button installed so far near the Lightning port. Touch ID, on the other hand, would not be abandoned but moved to the edge.

In a new aluminum print shared on his Twitter account just a few hours ago, informant David Kowalski confirms these rumors. There are indeed the less wide expected borders. Another detail that could count, but to be considered with caution: the volume settings are this time at the top of the iPad mini, while they are currently located on the side.

Only Apple will have the last word

As often, Apple has not commented on these images. It is also possible that if these are proven, the firm takes the opportunity to flush out the moles to which the leaks are potentially due. Better to take these photos with a grain of salt, and wait for the company’s next keynote to find out more. This would take place in September, as usual.

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The sixth generation iPad mini shown here also has a larger back camera. It is already assumed that software improvements are in the game for the iPhone 13 running iOS 15, which further supports the rumors on this subject. Indeed, on the mobile snapshot side, it is often necessary to update both the hardware and the operating system to ensure better performance for the user.

No charger in the box?

To put an end to the assumptions about the future iPad mini 6, it is its wired charging port that would be compromised. Between the increasingly restrictive legislation of the European Union towards Apple, the ecological arguments of the latter and the reduction of costs, the indications in this direction are more and more numerous. However, it is difficult to imagine a tablet with Qi technology only, a sign that an adapter may be part of the game … Or that it will be necessary to invest either in a power supply unit to power the iPad, but the most likely remains the passage to USB-C.

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