a new Search Console report!

In view of Google’s next Desktop Page Experience Update scheduled for February or March 2022 (which will concern computer versions of websites), Search Console has just unveiled a new report available now to all webmasters and SEOs: the On-Page Experience report for computers.

A new report to assess the user experience of Desktop pages on Search Console

Google first launched the report on “ on-page experience in April 2021 before the rollout of the Mobile Page Experience Update.

Previously only available for the mobile versions of the web pages, this report dedicated to the SXO now offers the possibility ofanalyze and track how Google perceives the experience of your web pages in Desktop version :

  • Are they compliant with Core Web Vitals best practices?
  • Are all the pages in HTTPS?
  • What is the share of fast URLs?
  • What is the total number of impressions recorded by the “good URLs”?

Still very new, not all websites have data coming up in this new Search Console report yet.

These should arrive gradually for most sites.

Of course, the more frequently a site is visited by Google robots, the faster the data related to the experience on the page will be displayed in the dedicated report.

A new report on the desktop experience page just before the rollout of the associated update

The rollout of this new report comes as Google’s algorithmic update dubbed the Desktop Page Experience Update is expected to roll out between February and March 2022, worldwide.

Websites with high Desktop loading times and non-HTTPS web pages could then be penalized by this algorithmic update.

The arrival of this new report confirms once again that the user experience will once again be a 2022 SEO trend to follow closely!

How do I access this new Search Console report?

You can access the report by clicking here or by going to Google Search Console, then clicking on the “Experience” section and then “ Page Experience“.

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