a New Test Product Carousel in the Google SERPs?

According to a video screenshot taken by a Google user and shared on Twitter, Google is testing a new format for organically highlighting products in its search results: a carousel of “Highly rated by users” (Highly rated by users).

Baptized ” Highly rated by users on the English SERPs (which could be translated as “Highly rated by users”), this new product carousel strongly resembles a Google Shopping product carousel.

It includes both an average rating which seems to aggregate review data from several sites to make a single rating, the price of one of the shops that offers it for sale and, in some cases, an overview of the price. one of the reviews submitted by customers.

carousel highly rated by google users
Overview of the carousel highly rated by users on Google

Google also displays a crossed out price when the product is on sale as well as the number of online stores that offer this product for sale.

From the video screenshot, the carousel appears to be placed in the middle of the SERP, between organic results and other Google features (the “People also ask” block in this example).

highly rated by users google product sheet

When clicking on a product displayed in the carousel, the user obtains an overview of the ratings granted to the product by recognized media.

The user also accesses a selection of 3 shops (clickable links) in which he can buy the product (a “view more stores” button then gives access to the other shops offering this product for sale).

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Aggregated reviews are then displayed a little lower on the scroll, allowing the user to consult and filter reviews using several criteria without leaving the Google interface.

The “Highly rated by users” carousel in video:

Here is the original tweet from the user who discovered this ongoing test in Google’s search results:

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