a new update from Google rolled out on July 1st

After the June Core Update launched on June 02, 2021 and officially completed in mid-June, Google announced a major new update to its algorithm for managing the ranking of organic search results: the July Core Update.

Update: the Google July Core Update 2021 finished its deployment on July 12, 2021 according to Google.

This July Core Update had been planned from the launch of the June Core Update at the beginning of June 2021 by Google, it is actually the deployment of elements of the June Core Update that were not ready when the latter was deployed. As Google was able to clarify in its announcement tweets, pages that could have been downgraded during the first update could be reclassified during the July Core Update (and vice versa).

Google also recalled that like all algorithmic updates of the “Core Update” type, do not expect impacts from sites as a whole but impacts targeted on specific pages.

This type of update of the heart of Google’s algorithm, unlike penalties imposed via manual actions, only have aim to highlight the best content based on internet users’ research and not to affect sites as a whole.

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What duration of deployment?

As with the June Core Update, the July Core Update should be fully deployed in 1 to 2 weeks.

July Core Update: what impacts in France?

july core update impacts france
Overview of the SERPs volatility indicator (SEMrush Sensor) in France for the July Google Core Update

The SEMrush Sensor observed a significant fluctuation in SEO positioning in France around July 02, 2021 with an indicator of 9.2 out of 10, very similar to what had been observed in early June.

The positive and negative impacts of this July Core Update could be as important as those of the previous update.

Although you have probably already done so, we invite you to consult your SEO positioning monitoring tools as well as the Search Console to see if you have been positively or negatively impacted by this new Core Update.

Google’s advice for not being negatively impacted by a Google Core Update?

If you are wondering what you should do to pass between the meshes of the various Google Core Updates, know that Google is rather clear on this point: you must focus on creating exceptional content, which you would be proud to share with those around you and which could be published in magazines or paper books.

What are the priority areas to work on for the next Google Core updates?

If you are not yet at the maximum of what you think you can do in one of the points below and you notice a drop in your SEO positions, these will be the priority areas to work on for 2021/22:

  • Content is king, content is king : work on your content and cover in detail all the subjects linked directly or indirectly with your theme, your site will only be stronger and more stable.
  • Avoid duplicate content at all costs : Google has not liked this for several years and it is not about to change.
  • Optimizes crawl and indexing : optimize your internal mesh as well as possible, the depth of your site and the management of the pages to be indexed / deindexed.
  • Optimizes mobile web performance : optimize the loading time of your website, especially on mobile.
  • Think SXO (SEO and UX) and no longer SEO-first : offers an irreproachable user experience in addition to content that makes all the difference.

To go further, Google lists a series of questions to ask yourself to assess the relevance of the content created on its site:

Questions to ask yourself to assess the quality of your content according to Google

How are Google search results pages behaving right now?

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