A notch on MacBook Pro M1X? The last minute rumor

Encoche Face ID

If you’ve been following us for several months, you’re used to iPhone rumors. Moreover, this year exceptionally, the informants specialists of Apple and other gurus of rumors fell very close to the characteristics of the iPhone 13. But if on the new generation of Apple smartphone, it was a question of seeing the ‘notch decrease in size, which was verified once the devices were available on the market, the MacBook Pro could, on the contrary, see a notch push in his nose.

This is what we can read on Weibo in recent hours, a social network widely used in China and sometimes purveyors of secret information about upcoming Apple products.

The source of this revelation claims to have obtained confirmation from Apple suppliers. Even more surprisingly, she claims that this notch on MacBook Pro will not be used not with a facial recognition type Face ID like on iPhone, but would integrate the 1080p webcam, a True Tone sensor and a microphone.

A priori, one might think it was a nice joke. Except that Reddit users went to investigate the case by noting the possible resolutions of the new MacBook Pro provided by MacRumors not long ago. We should expect screens of 3024 × 1964 pixels for the 14 ″ MacBook Pro and 3456 × 2234 pixels for the 16 ″ version. Except that these resolutions do not correspond to a ratio of 16/10, yet used by Apple on the screens of all its MacBooks so far.

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On the other hand, by removing a notch of 74 pixels, we come across the following resolutions: 3024 × 1890 and 3456 × 2160, which themselves correspond to a ratio of 16/10 …

© Unsplash / Mohammadreza Alidoost x iPhon.fr

Still, too few rumors have mentioned the presence of a notch on MacBook Pro this year. And the source in question has no history underlying any reliability of its announcements. Caution is once again in order with this surprising new rumor.

More seriously

The new 14 and 16 ″ MacBook Pros should indeed change their design, at least slightly, compared to the current versions. It is notably a question of edges around the narrower screen, but also possibly of a new all-black keyboard frame.

Recall, as seen there, that these new machines should be presented on Monday at the Apple Event, but would not be the only new features put forward. AirPods 3 are also expected. Their arrival was also supported once again by Dan Ives, analyst at the investment firm Wedbush.

See you this Monday at 7 p.m. to follow the event, it’s here for our live text and there for a video follow-up via the Apple site and YouTube.

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