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A paradise for the Volkswagen Group


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During the past year 2020 new vehicle registrations in Austria registered a significant decrease of 24.5% compared to fiscal 2019 until reaching a total volume of 248,740 units delivered to new customers.

By types of fuel gasoline dominated with 43.3% share and 107,771 units sold while diesel lagged behind with 36.5% and 90,909 units. Also 15,972 pure electric vehicles, 7,641 PHEVs, 26,046 simple hybrids and 386 vehicles adapted to gas were sold.

A paradise for the Volkswagen Group

Although the market in general has experienced a significant drop, there are firms like Tesla that managed to improve their figures compared to the previous year. It should also be noted the good acceptance of MG in its first months, in addition to the welcome to JAC and Cupra

A paradise for the Volkswagen Group


  1. VW 38,272
  2. Skoda 23,602
  3. SEAT 15,893
  4. BMW 15,812
  5. Ford 14,019
  6. Renault 13,510
  7. Hyundai 13,057
  8. Mercedes 13.003
  9. Audi 10,985
  10. Opel 9,627
  11. Peugeot 8.964
  12. Fiat 8,919
  13. Kia 6,935
  14. Mazda 6,876
  15. Dacia 6,843
  16. Citroën 5,939
  17. Toyota 5,728
  18. Suzuki 5,323
  19. Volvo 3,361
  20. Tesla 3,229
  21. Mitsubishi 3,101
  22. Nissan 2,866
  23. MINI 2,569
  24. Jeep 2,163
  25. Land Rover 1,621
  26. Honda 1,427
  27. Porsche 1,379
  28. Alfa Romeo 1,163
  29. JAC 554
  30. Subaru 435
  31. Smart 269
  32. DS 255
  33. Lexus 220
  34. MG 176
  35. SsangYong 149
  36. Cupra 148
  37. Lada 68
  38. Ferrari 61
  39. Lamborghini 41
  40. Maserati 35
  41. Bentley 32
  42. JAC 21
  43. Aston Martin 16
  44. Dodge 12
  45. Morgan 9
  46. Lotus 5
  47. McLaren 5
  48. Caterham 4
  49. Infiniti 4
  50. Rolls Royce 2
  51. Bugatti 1
  52. Chevrolet 1
  53. Polestar 1
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Among the firms that recorded the most significant decreases, it is worth mentioning Opel (-43.7%), Suzuki (-38.0%), Mazda (-37.8%) and Fiat (-33.2%)

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A paradise for the Volkswagen Group


  1. Skoda Octavia 7.967
  2. VW Golf 6.971
  3. Skoda Fabia 5.356
  4. Fiat 500 5,157
  5. VW Polo 5.148
  6. VW T-Roc 4.198
  7. VW T-Cross 4.001
  8. VW Tiguan 3,597
  9. Renault Clio 3,415
  10. Opel Corsa 3,217
  11. Skoda Karoq 3.164
  12. SEAT Ateca 3.154
  13. Hyundai Tucson 3,143
  14. Ford Focus 3,121
  15. SEAT Ibiza 2,990
  16. BMW X1 2,989
  17. SEAT Leon 2,952
  18. Tesla Model3 2,892
  19. SEAT Alhambra 2,838
  20. SEAT Arona 2.830

Family vehicles are in great demand in Austria and there the Skoda Octavia It brings out the versatility of the Combi to conquer the public, managing to dominate the general market. All-wheel drive units are also in high demand in this country, especially in conventional passenger cars. In any case, the entire VAG offer is very well sold.

A paradise for the Volkswagen Group

Beyond the German giant, the good work of the Hyundai Tucson, Fiat 500 and the new generation of Opel corsa that has managed to recover positions with respect to previous years. Another highlight was the BMW X1 that was able to maintain its position among the best sellers in the country.

A paradise for the Volkswagen Group

TOP 10 BEV YEAR 2020

  1. Tesla Model3 2,892
  2. Renault ZOE 2.071
  3. VW ID.3 1,669
  4. Kia e-Niro 1,125
  5. Hyundai Kona BEV 861
  6. Audi e-tron 782
  7. BMW i3 679
  8. SEAT Mii Electric 548
  9. VW e-Golf 401
  10. VW e-Up! 376
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Electric vehicles have improved their figures considerably compared to 2019, pointing to a rise of 72.9% and a total volume of 15,972 units that already represent a share of 6.4%. Of course, the good data that are recorded in the Netherlands or Norway are not achieved but it seems that customers who want a “zero emissions” product are multiplying.

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A paradise for the Volkswagen Group

Of course the Tesla Model 3 it uses its network of super-chargers to guarantee very good mobility around the old continent and this has weight in sales. He Renault ZOE for its part, it plays with the possibility of recharging in AC sockets of up to 22 kW, a solution that reduces costs as there are many free points of this type. He VW ID.3 for its part, it seems that in a few months it will be the Austrian market leader.

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