Technology Apple a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be...

a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be expected?


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While he had been fairly discreet on the subject in recent weeks, giving no comment on the possible negotiations between Hyundai and Apple, the most famous analyst of Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo came out of his silence to give us the news information on the Apple Car and its development.

Thus according to Kuo the Apple car project would be on the right track, the Apple brand would work with Hyundai to produce an initial vehicle, a kind of V1 while the names of General Motors and PSA were mentioned with regard to the continuation of the project.

According to information he revealed in his report to TF Securities investors, the Apple Car will be built on a Hyundai E-GMP basis. The subsidiary of the manufacturer Kia will take care of the production in the United States of the model.

This basic structure was presented at the end of last year by Hyundai, it has a range of just under 500 kilometers, a double engine and an unprecedented charging capacity. Indeed, Hyundai announces that it can recharge its battery pack in 18 minutes to 80%.

If the discussions are very advanced with Hyundai, General Motors and PSA could become regional partners for the Apple which will not be able to give all the orders to Hyundai, the Korean risking to be overtaken.

An Apple Car impossible without the manufacturers

The second important point according to Kuo is Apple’s technological dependence in this Apple Car project. Indeed, it is impossible for the brand with the apple to develop, alone, a car in correct times. The support of various manufacturers is essential for Apple if the Apple wants to produce electric cars in the coming years. Kuo explains that a car like the Apple Car has 40 to 50 times more part than an iPhone or iPad, a gap that renders Apple’s current production and supply chain inefficient, which would be, according to the analyst, unable to produce quality products without enormous delivery times.

The future of this electric car is therefore far from being written in advance and the road to its commercialization will not be a straight line. At the end of last week an executive of the Hyundai group announced that the manufacturer’s decision was not taken on the Apple Car, Hyundai wanting to retain its sovereignty and not become a subcontractor of the Apple.

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- Advertisement -a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be expected?a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be expected?

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- Advertisement -a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be expected?a partnership with General Motors and PSA to be expected?

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