A photo with several lenses at the same time on the iPhones of tomorrow?

iPhone tenu avec doigt appuyé sur le dos

According to a recent patent published by Apple, the Apple brand has done many studies to make the use of iPhones easier in the future, especially with regard to the camera. The idea is to allow users to see, even before taking a photo, the difference between the wide-angle lens and the ultra-wide angle.

Take the best photo possible, as simply as possible

This should give more control to qualified users “experienced” by Apple. Without complicating the task of “classic” users. The Cupertino company hopes that this new option will allow users to see when one of the camera lenses is degrading image quality.

This should help take better photos, but also give the user better control. “Optical magnification provides better visual quality, but introduces complexities into the device’s optical train,” Apple’s patent application states. “Digital magnification avoids these complexities, allowing for more efficient packaging of the device, but can suffer in visual quality. »

A new option that adapts to the user

To fully understand how this new option works, Apple explains that the camera will open, as it already does, on the image taken by the main lens. But at the bottom of the image, a cursor will be put in place. The latter will allow users to make their own choice of image compositions. A simple press of this slider can switch the iPhone from one lens to another, but the user does not have to know or care about it.

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But things could also be done differently. Indeed, for “advised” users, the iPhone screen could have the choice between two different images. One of them could come from the wide-angle lens, while the other would come from the ultra-wide angle.

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