a professional API to scrap Google SERPs

a professional API to scrap Google SERPs

Originally created for internal purposes, serpstack is a professional and powerful API offering any developer access to all the data present in millions of pages of Google search results, regardless of the type of data sought, the country for which the data is to be obtained and whatever the type of device used during the research.

Serpstack: what is it?

Serpstack is an API service that makes millions of public data scraped from Google search results around the world accessible to any digital professional.

Concretely, you can ask serpstack to retrieve you data from thousands of Google search results at the same time in different geographical locations and on searches carried out with different devices, the service will automatically send you the information in the form of JSON code. that you will only have to retreat on your side.

If you make less than 100 calls per month on this API, the service is 100% free.

Who is this service for?

This professional service is aimed primarily at SEO agencies, digital communication agencies, professional web marketing analysis tools, developers and companies wishing to create professional internal dashboards to monitor their performance on Google and the evolution of search results.

Since a free version is offered, this APi can also be used by web marketing and web development schools to train students in the manipulation and use of a professional API.

SEO, web analytics, and development professionals may also be more broadly interested in specific needs related to the analysis of Google search results pages.

Why use an API service like serpstack to scrape and analyze Google search results?

If you want to scrape Google’s search results yourself in order to automatically extract the information and then analyze them, you will quickly be limited by the captchas set up by the search engine to keep robots as far away as possible from its results. of research. In addition, the search engine constantly evolving, you will be forced with each update to rework your scripts and scraping systems, which is very time-consuming in the long term. Although these issues are all workable, especially via proxies for captchas, using a dedicated API will above all save you considerable time in your developments and automation of analyzes.

What data from Google search results is made available by the serpstack API?

Example of automatically recoverable data for any Google serp via serpstack

The serpstack API gives access to all the data from the Google SERP that you may want to analyze in any geographic location, any device (mobile, tablet, computer) and any language :

  • Position of a site in the search results on a given query,
  • Presence and details of the composition of the blocks Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google News, Google Images, Google Maps, People Also Ask…
  • Knowledge graph data on companies,
  • Presence and number of results with a video,
  • Presence of position 0 and rapid responses,
  • Details on the rich results and structured data that go up for each search result displayed in Google,
  • Searches associated with a query,
  • Tweets embedded in search results,
  • Number of search results on a page,
  • Total number of search results for a given query,

The exhaustive list of data that you can retrieve via the serpstack API is freely available on their technical documentation.

API serpstack documentation
API documentation overview

How does the Serpstack API collect data from Google search results?

The serpstack API uses a proxy network and proprietary scraping technology to automatically retrieve all data from Google results pages with each API call.

The data is then transmitted in JSON or CSV.

What are the timelines for getting results through this API?

Regardless of the volume of calls made to the API, from a few hundred to several million, the latter is based on a solid cloud server infrastructure capable of delivering millions of results almost instantly without having any latency.

How to use it concretely? Are any examples offered?

On their site, serpstack offers examples of php, Python, Nodejs, JQuery, Ruby, Go codes to retrieve data via the API.

Serpstack code examples

What is the price of this API which facilitates the extraction and analysis of data from Google SERPs?

The first offer is 100% free and allows any developer or SEO with a technical profile to test the API for free as long as they make less than 100 API calls per month.

For request volumes less than 5,000 per month, the monthly rate then drops to $ 29.99 and here are the other offers offered:

serpstack api price
Different subscriptions and prices for full access to the serpstack API

Some more serpstack vis-à-vis the competition

If you are still wondering if the API may be of interest to you or not, here are a few more that make serpstack one of the best services of its kind currently available on the market:

  • You can test the API for free by making less than 100 API calls per month, registration is free and does not require a credit card: https://serpstack.com/signup/free
  • Their documentation is very complete and can be viewed by everyone here: https://serpstack.com/documentation
  • They have professional technical support that will help you get the most out of their API.
  • All data in transit to and from serpstack is secured by a powerful encryption system used by banks (256-bit SSL Encryption).
  • If you opt for an annual subscription, the prices are reduced by 20%.

This article was written freely by leptidigital as part of a sponsored partnership with serpstack

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