A prototype of Android with Lightning socket has just seen the light of day

Nouvelle norme de charge Qualcomm

Many iPhone users criticize the lightning port of their phone, they who would like it to be USB-C, in order to make the connection more universal. A question that bothers even in high places, since the European Commission looked into the subject last year.

But while the Lightning is frowned upon by many people when it comes to Apple phones, others have fun slipping this signature connection onto products running Android. This little stroke of mischief was made by Kenny Pillonel, an independent engineer who modified his Samsung Galaxy A51 to give it a typical iPhone lightning port.

He was already at the origin of a metamorphosis last year, but carried out in the other direction, thus grafting a USB-C port to an iPhone. This time Pillonel has implemented an iPhone port on a Samsung phone, enough to irritate two or three people near Cupertino and Seoul.

According to his comments, collected by the information site Engadget, it was much easier to set up a lightning port on a Samsung phone than the reverse. The manipulation also took him much less time and the video had been ready for weeks, he voluntarily waited until April 1st to publish it.

Pillonel’s biggest challenge in this transformation was finally to make the lightning port believe that the phone being charged was indeed an iPhone. Indeed, Apple’s proprietary ports only work with Apple products, so it was necessary to pass this Galaxy A51 for an iPhone in order to trick the lightning port and make it work properly.

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If Pillonel has not yet given all the technical details on this transformation, a new video should soon arrive on his YouTube channel in order to understand how this new tour de force was achieved, and if the phone still works as well with a port. Lightning.

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