a real change for the connected watch?

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Pro. This is the name of the next connected watch from Apple? Or is it just an unfounded rumour? For the moment it is impossible to answer this question with certainty, but the accumulation of opinions from experts, analysts and leaks of all kinds suggest, as the saying goes, that there is no smoke. without fire.

But then how would this Apple Watch Pro be different from other connected watches from the apple brand? How would the Apple Watch Pro be more “Pro” than the upcoming Series 8? Again it is impossible to answer these questions with certainty, but several tracks come to explain the reasoning of Apple.

A little over a year ago @AppleDemoYT shared on twitter the snapshot of an exhibition connected watch in an Apple Store. The latter is described by Apple in its characteristics as an “Apple Watch Pro”. The beginning of a long story for Apple and analysts around the brand.

An Apple Watch Pro: the change that Apple needed?

In a new video rendering (visible below) the artist Volodymyr imagines the contours of this new watch with a … singular look. Much more massive than the versions we know at the moment, the Apple Watch Pro should also be more powerful.

Apple’s connected watch could notably offer more sensors than the Series 8, which is also scheduled for release in September. If for the moment nothing official has been announced by Apple, the Apple brand should soon be making the big announcements, the firm’s back-to-school keynote being announced for September 6th.

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