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iPhone 13

130: this is the rating given by DxOMark to the photo sensor of the iPhone 13, the new flagship of the range unveiled by Apple on September 14. For comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro does better, which is hardly surprising given its third sensor. We can also cite three Chinese who occupy the first places of the podium, just ahead of the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max duo: the Huawei P50 Pro (144 points), the Xioami Mi 11 Ultra (143 points) and the Huawei Mate 40 Pro + ( 139 points).

So what are the benefits that can explain such a high score? Debrief.

Very successful images regardless of the context

The iPhone 13 seems to be a device of choice for the general public who want to try their hand at photography. Indeed, its presets endow it with a “precise target exposure”With colors and white balance“generally correct“. The complexion of the captured subjects also seems to be well respected, regardless of the lighting conditions, “even against the light“. Remember also that the iPhone 13 precisely embeds the Night mode if necessary.

The frontal objective, on the other hand, does less well with 99 points. This would be due, again according to DxOMark, to less effective selfies than in the back. The site notes, however, that the smart focus works quickly and without a hitch, with all the “precision”Promised by Apple.

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Zoom: can do better

But the real downside of the camera on the iPhone 13 actually seems to be the zoom. On the back, remember that the optical zoom is limited to 2x against 5x in digital (or 3x for videos). No zoom in front. Result: a lot of noise, but despite everything nothing really significant as it is rare to find a powerful smartphone in the field. Only those who actually have a dedicated mechanism can get by.

Video capabilities

Finally, DxOMark highlights relatively “fluids”When changing scene during shooting. The autofocus is also at its best, allowing professional clips to be made as we have already seen with previous generations. Stabilization is also part of the game, with an evaluation of 101 points which should avoid undergoing too much movement during a cycling session for example.

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