a remarkable watchOS 8 concept

watchOS 8

Unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference, watchOS 7 is Apple’s most successful smartwatch operating system to date. It is, for example, capable of timing the duration of your hand washing or of measuring your dance exercises. The latest Series 6, on the other hand, can even use its altimeter in the background.

But even if all these features are particularly successful, some believe that the program could go even further. This is the case of Matt Birchler, who has just shared in images in a new video on YouTube his proposals on this subject.

Improved fast access

In the concept in question, we find in particular a Control center improved, which offers shortcuts to directly control Complications from this screen. So far, only settings such as Wi-Fi or do not disturb mode are listed there.

It is not known if this original design will reach the ears of Apple engineers, but there is no doubt that it will echo it in some if it does. Indeed, the much anticipated home screen customization in recent years has finally been released with the release ofiOS 14. An encouraging example.

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