A resilient Christmas – Vanidades

En una época de añoranza pura es cuando hay que mantener mayor distanciamiento social; algunas ideas para cumplir con tus propósitos en tiempos de COVID-19. 

In a time of pure longing is when it is necessary to maintain greater social distancing; some ideas to fulfill your purposes in times of COVID-19.

Nine months, a temporality that we regularly have associated with new life, equivalent to thirty-nine weeks, 275 days, 6,600 hours … Gestation time for the arrival of a baby to the world, and time in which we have become accustomed to countless changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The point is not to wait for everything to pass quickly, but to continue increasing our ability to overcome adverse events like the one we are currently experiencing, and to have a successful development despite bad circumstances.

This is resilience. But not only does it refer to the ability to overcome these difficult moments and adapt, it also indicates seeing normality.

Thus, this end of the year, more than ever, we must give a twist to our traditional purposes, starting by considering the healthy distance.

  1. Spend more time with the family: no doubt we have strengthened the bond with the nuclear family in one way or another during confinement. However, even if it is Christmas or New Year, let’s put off face-to-face meetings with our loved ones for later.
  2. Losing weight and dieting: In addition to the emotional benefits of looking better, being overweight and obese reduce the efficiency of our autoimmune system.
  3. Travel to new places: To avoid having a greater wear and tear than rest when leaving, from applying a diagnostic test to informing you about the situation in the place you go, the following phrase by the American novelist Henry Miller takes on a greater dimension: “Our destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things ”.
  4. Exercise: the best way to preserve physical and mental health, as long as it is with a mask in closed and well ventilated spaces, or without a mask and away from others if it is outdoors.
  5. Learn something new: Just as we have done with the correct use of the mask, the adequate space to maintain a healthy distance and the hand washing of at least 20 seconds, let us continue on that same line for as long as necessary. If you take care of yourself, we all take care of ourselves.

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