A secret 243 billion euros contract between Apple and China


Based on news shared by The Information, which also has data concerning the virtual reality headset of his company, Tim Cook would have signed a major agreement with the Chinese government in 2016. This provides for a significant investment on the spot, initiated by Apple and supported by officials in order to develop the local economy.

Discussions far from trivial: at the time, the context was particularly tense between the United States and the Middle Empire. Trump having been elected president, the geopolitical context was indeed unfavorable for exports. However, we know that Foxconn assembles the majority of iPhones in Xi Jinping’s country …

The supporters of the agreement

Always according to The Information, Apple would have promised to bet no less than 275 billion dollars on its Chinese production lines. An amount spread over five years and which also includes the training of “talents”While guaranteeing an increase in requests from Chinese subcontractors. Whether they are companies supplying hardware or developing software.

The document, which has 1,250 words, also mentions the support of the Asian side which provides assistance “necessary”To the good progress of the partnership. Terms remained confidential until now, even though Cupertino owes a minimum of transparency to shareholders who are pushing its valuation towards 3 trillion dollars.

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A success ?

At least this collaboration seems to have paid off. Although the relocation to India was a success, the iPhones continue to sell like hot cakes in China, a sign that the Apple Stores are running at full speed and continue to hire. New brands are opening regularly, while it is not uncommon to see the manufacturer still ordering several million parts from TSMC (chips) or Samsung (screens), which have several factories in the region.

The import taxes of the administration preceding that of Joe Biden, however, still hamper the good progress of the trans-Pacific supply, so much so that the misadventures of the Apple are far from over there. But this could soon change if Uncle Sam’s institutions agree to get their hands dirty by reducing their share of the pie …

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