a senior executive from Porsche joins the Cupertino company

Apple Car

Certainly, the rumors are linked around the Apple Car, a project that has never been formally confirmed by the Apple brand. We spoke to you yesterday about the news of CNBC according to which this new model would be an autonomous electric vehicle developed at a Hyundai plant in the United States. It would therefore focus on the delivery sector and would not initially be intended for the general public.

A start of production in 2024?

This time this is the site Business Insider Deutschland which informs us of the recruitment of Manfred Harrer by Apple. The latter, 48, was previously responsible for chassis development at Porsche. According to the German media, he was one of the best engineers in the Wolkswagen group.

It does not take more to suggest that it will be integrated into the team responsible for designing the new Apple Car. As always with this kind of news, you need to be careful and be patient.

For now, the company will not say more and Tim Cook himself carefully avoids the subject during interviews. It must be said that the project would still be far from being completed. We are indeed talking about the start of production of the vehicle which would not start until 2024.

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