A shadow of doubt about Bartra’s partner in defense

Una sombra de duda sobre la pareja de Bartra en defensa

There is few doubts about him eleven which will align Manuel Pellegrini at the end of the Copa del Rey, but although minimal, yes there is some in defense. Specifically, who will be the companion of Mark Bartra in the center of the rear. The Argentinian German Pezzella is the one who has practically all the ballots, but his mistake in the goal that cost the defeat against Elche has put him in the spotlight.

Pezzella's photo

And the point is that Pezzella he wasn’t playing a bad game, but his key action failure of the meeting and its subsequent consequence was definitive. To this must be added the hateful comparison with the level that your dance partner is exhibiting in defense, a Mark Bartra reminiscent of his best days.

Shield/Flag Betis

It’s not Pellegrino. a technician who has shown to let himself carry on impulse. Neither during his career nor now at Betis. There were similar doubts recently with Claudio Bravo in goal and the Chilean kept his compatriot to the point that he is the one who aims to be the starting goalkeeper in La Cartuja. Pezzella He is still the favorite to accompany Bartra, but he focuses much of the doubts in the previous days.


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