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Crash and startup issues

Posts and comments are on social media and Apple forums. Users reported that after installing the new macOS Monterey operating system, their Mac crashes and cannot turn on again. It seems that the bug is not only affecting older computers as even models from 2019 or even 2020 and 2021 have this worrying technical problem. The bug would still rather affect the old iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, especially those equipped with a T1 or T2 security chip. This problem even seems to affect more Macs with a T1 than models with a T2. In contrast, computers equipped with an M1 chip seem to be spared the majority (but not all).

Some tips gleaned from the net

While waiting for an official explanation from Apple, or even a solution, there would already be a way to remedy this problem.

There is a restore process for Apple computers with a T2 chip if you have access to an Intel Mac. Apple’s configuration tool can restart the system on the security chip without causing you to lose your data. You will find the recovery instructions for computers with T2 chip in this document (in English of course). A similar procedure and document are available for machines equipped with an Apple silicon chip. To read it, we invite you this time to follow this link.

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The site Appleinsider also advises users who have encountered the bug on their computer with T1 chip to bring it to an Apple Store. The brand replaces computers that are affected by the bug, as long as they are still under warranty.


Either way, it’s best to avoid installing macOS Monterey for now. It seems that the first users of the final version are still facing other incidents. We can bet that fixes are on the way, and that Apple will therefore be able to react in the best possible way.

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