A subcontractor would already be working on iPhones without a notch

iPhone 14 Pro

During their presentation, Apple announced that the iPhone 13 is entitled to a notch in the size is reduced by 20% compared to that of the iPhone 12. And indeed, it turns out that this one is shorter than before, well than wider. Some rumors speak of the abandonment of this unsightly element at the top of the screen for several months, but it is not at the moment.

It is impossible to know why Cupertino has still not decided to get up to date. For a while, it was about Face ID. This biometric unlocking technology by facial recognition requires the use of certain fairly large sensors. Components that would be difficult to hide behind the display. However, other patents filed by Apple in the United States show that the company now has the necessary capacities to “hide” these parts under the slab.

See you in September?

And according to a new rumor shared by Korean media The Elec, Samsung would have been mandated by Apple to design the iPhone screens which will adopt a “punch” design. This is not surprising: we know that the supplier has already been manufacturing for the Californian brand for several years. Several millions have even been invested in this process.

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However, it seems that only the iPhone 14 Pro will be entitled to this advantage. The classic iPhone 14, them, would continue to embed a front notch. These are only hypotheses, which Apple has not confirmed and which will in any case probably not be validated before a possible official announcement.

Other assumed technical characteristics

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should each have respective diagonals of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. ProMotion technology would also be there, allowing an image refresh rate to 120 Hz. Despite everything, do not expect to take advantage of the fingerprint sensor under the screen for the moment: it would not happen. not before 2023.

On the back, users will of course be rewarded with the best possible camera on their iPhone. LiDAR radar, in addition to three other objectives, would then make it possible to take even more successful shots than today. But it will be necessary to pay the price: at least 1,200 euros per mobile according to the most recent figures, and again, if the manufacturer does not increase the bill further.

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