A very encouraging sign in favor of new Macs, signed by Apple

Apple Store noir et blanc et logo

When Apple prepares to unveil new devices, it is written “back soon”On the page where it is normally possible to buy them from the brand. However, this is precisely the message that has been broadcast for a few minutes where the prices and colors of the two MacBook Pro models are usually found. The same goes for the Mac Pro, which could soon arrive with Intel processors still under the hood.

Of course, this is not proof, especially since other devices that are not expected tonight are experiencing the same fate (including the iPhone 13 Pro, the Mac mini and the iMac of twenty- four inches). Nonetheless, this is probably a sign that hardware items will therefore be announced at this time.

Meet at seven o’clock

For once scheduled on a Monday, an Apple Event is indeed scheduled in a few hours where it will probably be about new Macs. One would be the sixteen-inch version without a Touch Bar, while the second would be an upgraded edition of the current small model. Indeed, its screen would then go from thirteen to fourteen inches thanks to finer borders, which should not therefore distort its format too much.

The most curious will also have noticed that the MacBook Pro 13 ″, alongside which it was specified “new”By Apple for several months, no longer has a subtitle. This therefore suggests that the version on sale until recently is already withdrawn from the shelves in favor of a possible improved successor.

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