A virtual field of the game Axie Infinity was sold for a record amount of USD $ 2.4 million – DiarioBitcoin

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A virtual field of the game Axie Infinity was sold for a record amount of USD $ 2.4 million - DiarioBitcoin By Hannah perez

An NFT plot within the Axie virtual universe costs even more than the average real-world house in New York.


It appears that the real estate sector in the metaverse is doing well.

A virtual plot of land within the world of the popular video game Blockchain, Axie Infinity, It was sold for an extraordinary amount of US $ 2.4 million. That is, more than six times the average value from a real world house in the United States.

According reported the game team, the virtual field ‘Axie Genesis Plot‘was sold on Wednesday for a sum of 550 ether, or about $ 2,475,000 at current prices. The plot is part of the land “Genesis“, that Axie Infinity describe how “extremely rare” and set a record for being the most expensive sale of a virtual game land to date.

Additionally, the land has also made history as one of the highest ‘metaverse’ real estate sales of all time. In accordance with Insider, the sale even exceeded that of one digital land plot in Decentraland, which recently sold for just over $ 2 million, a value that even exceeds the average for a home in Manhattan (one of the most luxurious areas of New York).

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Land in the world Axie sells for USD $ 2.4 million

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Axie Infinity It is a video game based on the blockchain of Ethereum reminiscent of beloved Pokémon. Players are basically dedicated to collecting, caring for, and tackling adorable creatures, called ‘Axies‘which are represented in the form of tokens non-expendable (NFT), allowing them to demonstrate ownership.

But beyond this, the game -which has become a sensation within the growing model “Play to earn”(Play to win) – also offers players to acquire land they own within the homeland of the Axies, called ‘Lunacia‘, which is the virtual world where the game takes place.

There are different types of land in the world Axie, What Mystic and Arctic. In total, Lunacia consists of 90,601 parcels of land that are represented as NFTs and can be freely traded by players.

The famous plot that was sold at exorbitant prices is “Genesis Land, which is in the center of the map and has a limit of 220 parcels, as reported The Block. A report from that outlet also revealed that The seller of the parcel identifies himself with the pseudonym ‘ArcaChemist’, while the lucky buyer was ‘Lunacian # 789512’.

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A virtual field of the game Axie Infinity was sold for a record amount of USD $ 2.4 million - DiarioBitcoin

But why would someone pay so much money for land within a video game that they can’t even occupy? (physically speaking). According to a document from Axie, NFT plots can be worked, similar to how a plot can be reformed in the real world. In addition, it also allows players to “find AXS tokens and potentially other resources“, That is, it can lead to profits.

A spokesperson for Axie Infinity explained about it The Block that Axie landIt has entertainment value, social value, and economic value in the form of future resource flows, and that is why we are seeing such sales.“.

Real estate market in the metaverse grows

But beyond the particular properties that the plots of Axie, the reason for its high value could be due more to the phenomenon of a growing trend. The truth is that, as dystopian as it may sound, the sale of tokenized virtual land is not something exclusive to Axie.

As we mentioned previously, earlier this week, the Canadian investment firm Tokens.com I buy a virtual terrain in Decentraland for a record price of USD $ 2.43 million in MANA, the token native to that platform. Since the beginning of the year, the plots of Axie They have been selling at high prices for more than 888 ETH (around USD $ 1.5 million at the time and close to USD $ 4 million at current prices).

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It seems that in the last few months, virtual world terrains have started to gain popularity. As we recently reported, various platforms such as The Sandbox have been seeing an increase in the prices of their NFT real estate in the face of the growing attention that the concept of metaverse has gained, fueled in turn by the name change of Facebook.

Amid the boom, NFT’s sales volume of The Sandbox has skyrocketed in recent weeks, reaching the USD $ 72 million in the last 7 days. A land in the virtual world of Sandbox can be around USD $ 13,000 and reach up to 4 million dollars, according to data from OpenSea.

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