A win of 70 million

A win of 70 million

When I arrived they told me they needed four or five ratings to champions in a row… Already we have ten“, he muttered, happy, Simeone at the end of Elche-Atlético at the Martínez Valero. He had done it again. The Argentine coach. Those four or five ratings turned into ten. From 2011-12 to 2021-22. ten years of stability thanks to his doing on the bench. “Miguel Ángel will be happy,” he added.. And yes, it is to be. Before Cholo, Atleti had managed to qualify for this European competition in six times. The saw teeth were there. And this season they threatened to eat part of the foundations of Atlético in these ten years.

It was a game for 70 million. a necessary income so that the Atlético faces the next season with guarantees. If last summer the COVID crisis forced a capital increase of 181.8 millionagreed unanimously by its general meeting, this Atlético sees its piggy bank of the future in positive with the certification of qualification for the Champions League and the change of sponsor, WhaleFin, which will contribute triple what has been received so far for wearing its name on the shirt: 210 million in total, 40 per season (Plus 500 contributed at this time between 15 and 17; started with 11 in 2015). That will mean that the wolf will not come: that is, to respect the salary limit you will only have to make a ‘minor’ sale. The future of stars like Griezmann, assured. The rojiblanca obligation to pay for his transfer to Barcelona is not this summer but the next. But, without Champions could they pay him?

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Review salaries, cut them, give up names that have taken ten years of stability to incorporate, retain them. When Atlético won their first League with Cholo on the bench, in 2013-14, they later saw Diego Costa, Filipe or Courtois leave. When Atlético won the second, 2020-21, not anymore. He was even able to postpone Trippier’s return to the Premier for six months. Barcelona and Atlético were the two LaLiga clubs that would have suffered the most financially if they did not qualify for the next Champions League. By coefficient, between LaLiga television rights and UEFA awards, the difference between finishing fourth and reaching the round of 16 in the Champions League was between entering 153.12 million or finishing in the Europa League and receiving 83.48.

The one with Martinez Valero It was Simeone’s 400th game in LaLiga. 400 matches with a 70% winning percentage (244) and 2.1 points per game. An efficiency that speaks for itself. The extraordinary turned into routine. The Champions. Do not stop the music. And Atleti keep dancing. Of course, with crooked lines of this 21-22 straightened.


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