a year later, Apple has succeeded in its bet?

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On December 15, 2020, Apple surprised everyone with an unexpected announcement. While the Apple launches are still scrutinized, analyzed and planned days in advance with the keynotes, the Cupertino company decided to take everyone by surprise last year, by releasing the AirPods Max.

The wireless headphones from Apple quickly established themselves as a benchmark, both thanks to the quality of the sound it produces and the nobility of the materials used in its design. If the rumors about a product of this kind had already existed for many months, analysts believed at the time that Apple would instead offer a new version of its Apple TV, as an end-of-year giveaway.

No one thought that Apple would be able to release a new product with a simple press release. No announcements at the Steve Jobs Theater, no big explanatory keynotes with ultra-worked videos. Apple had made it simple with its AirPods Max, letting the public take hold of the news.

AirPods Max: successful bet

As a reminder, the AirPods Max managed to catalyze all the tech news of the moment when it was released thanks to only one thing: its price. Indeed, the helmet costs nearly 700 €, an astronomical sum, especially when we know that the competition offers products of excellent quality around 300 or 400 euros.

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It is therefore difficult to know how Apple was going to succeed in justifying this price, which seemed disconnected from the reality of the market. But eventually, as the weeks and the tests went by, the opinions all changed slightly. The product was certainly very expensive, but this price became understandable, given the technological gap that exists with the rest of the market.

While it hasn’t managed to convince everyone, the AirPods Max has ended up making a place for itself in the overcrowded market for headphones, allowing Apple at the same time to achieve a new winning arrival in a market that ‘she does not know. As the brand has already done for wireless headphones with AirPods, or even more obvious for the market for connected watches with the Apple Watch.

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