A16 and M3 chips on the way


It is DigiTimes who just announced: TSMC has finally launched test production of its processors engraved with an accuracy of three nanometers. Currently, the one that powers the iPhone 13 range, namely the A15, is satisfied with a fineness of five nanometers, which is already excellent. But its successor could do even better to deliver more power to users.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company was however in the grip of serious slowdowns in recent weeks, attributed in particular to the tense geopolitical situation with China, the shortage of components and the coronavirus pandemic. But a major factory is once again under attack, a sign of a possible return to normal.


For DigiTimes, the mass production of these components would begin in the fourth quarter of 2022. A date that fits perfectly with the habits of Apple, for which the announcement of new high-end smartphones generally takes place in September. Of course, these are just assumptions that are not confirmed by either party, but everything seems to match.

The three-nanometer engraving is also likely to concern future Apple silicon chips for Mac. The manufacturer would then provide customers with graphics cards of up to forty cores, straight from the factories of TSMC, which would at the same time count Intel among its customers. Again, this information is similar to other data according to which the MacBook Air is on the way to being entitled to a reissue in a few weeks.

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Not so soon?

Despite everything, it seems that the design process is time-consuming enough for TSMC not to be able to fulfill orders of several million units for the iPhones of 2022. The latter could then bet on four nanometers or not. not change on that side, while the future A17 chip would indeed take over.

Let us remember, finally, that the very nomenclatures of these parts are still hypothetical to this day; It is therefore better to remain cautious about noises in the hallway that will or will not be validated until a possible keynote.

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