A16 chip could be build in 4nm


The iPhone 13 came out with its A15 chip a few weeks ago, launching countless debates like every year. Does the Cupertino company, which has not brought major innovation to this new generation of phone, keep it under its feet for next year? Possible. DigiTimes in fact assures that Apple’s next chip, the A16 logically, should be the first of the brand to have used a whole new construction process, based on the 4 nm, while the best chips of the Apple were so far built. in 5 nm.

Apple adopted 5 nm technology on the iPhone with the arrival of the A14 chip and the iPhone 12, a year of great change for the Cupertino company which then completely revised the design of its phone with a return to the edges dishes in particular. But very quickly, this new construction technology was no longer enough, and all the rumors converged on the arrival of 4 nm, and even 3 nm.

With a switch to a 4nm chip, Apple could make the most powerful A16 chip on an iPhone by far. Originally, rumors were of a chip with 3nm technology for the iPhone 15 in two years. Apple had indeed reserved all of the production of these chips for TSMC, but it seems that the Taiwanese giant has encountered several design problems on the latter, forcing the switch to 4 nm technology at first.

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Difficult to know if the 4 nm chip will see the day or not

Still according to information from DigiTimes, TSMC would even present an “N4P” process, which would be a third evolution of the 5 nm technology already developed by the firm. The presence of 4 in its name would not be trivial, but it also does not confirm that the Taiwanese company is preparing a switch to 4 nm technology.

In a world of semiconductors in turmoil due to a historical shortage, it is very difficult to see clearly about the production of chips to come. Apple should, in the years to come, present a 3 nm chip, this information has been repeatedly relayed by several people very close to the company, but it is difficult to know if the Apple plans to release a 4 nm chip before, and if so, when?

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