Entertainment Celebrity Abel Pintos Journey from Argentina to the world

Abel Pintos Journey from Argentina to the world


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Abel Pintos journey is very inspiring on how boy from Bahía Blanca a town in Argentina made a name for himself in the entire world.

Abel Pintos Journey

Abel Pintos is a megastar of music in his native Argentina, where tickets for his concerts are often sold like hotcakes. So it is not surprising that a well-known Mexican band like Los Ángeles Azules invited him to participate in his album “De Buenos Aires para el Mundo”, which he recorded at the emblematic Unione e Benevolenza Hall, in Buenos Aires.

“It was a very big surprise,” Pintos said in a recent talk from the Argentine capital, where he lives. “First they chose me, and after they had chosen Buenos Aires to record the album live because there have not been many opportunities to see Los Angeles in Argentina.”

Whatever the reason, the truth is that since the cumbia “I made her cry” was released, earlier this year in the voice of Pintos, the name of this singer from Buenos Aires sounds increasingly familiar outside of his country.

And, despite the fact that the interpreter began his professional career since he was a child, it was not until ten years ago that his career took a huge leap with the release of the album “Sueño dorado”, which was recorded live in a sacred city of the Quilmes town.

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Until then, the artist, who had been singing in theaters and small stages for fifteen years, had carried out his career in a “very artisanal” way.

“With that album, I went from selling 50,000 copies to more than 200,000 copies,” he said. “In 2012 my career became very popular and massive; since then I went from playing in theaters for a thousand people to playing in soccer stadiums. It took me a long time to do all that work. ”

The sudden explosion of his career finally took him to other audiences and to other countries, such as Mexico, where he went about four years ago to promote an album and then to offer a couple of concerts.

Now, and already with a not so folkloristic style, like the one that defined the first 15 years of his career, Pintos promotes “El Hechizo”, a song in which the Spanish artist Beatriz Luengo also sings and that in music carries a mixture of rhythms from Spain with touches of pop, Latin American folklore, and urban music.

“What inspired this song was precisely the conjunction of different authors,” he said of the team that wrote and worked on the production of this song. “Each one respecting their musical roots and the place in the world to which we belong.”

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This single, like “I want to sing”, which premiered in December, will be part of an album that Pintos expects to release later this year.

While this is happening, he says he is calm at home, with his partner, with whom he is looking forward to the arrival of his first child.

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