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ACCEPT IT … That man is toxic


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I ask you, what is your relationship like: healthy or toxic? I know that many will say there is María Marín, fortunately “I am not in a toxic relationship” but I am going to tell you what a toxic relationship is so that you can answer me with all sincerity.

A toxic relationship is when you cannot be yourself, when you cannot express what you feel, much less say what you want. It is when you are afraid of being yourself in that relationship because of the consequences that you may have, either because your partner who is going to yell at you, scold, humiliate, control or even hit you.

To your amazement, studies show that out of 10 women who are in a toxic relationship, guess how many stay? You will not believe! 6 out of 10 women stay in a toxic relationship, the most common reasons are fear of “what will they say”, others because they have young children and fear raising them without their father, others depend economically on their partners, there are even some who do not know They separate because they are threatened that if they leave them something happens to them or their family and there is no lack of the one who continues in that toxic relationship because she believes that her partner is going to change one day.

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Only 4 out of 10 women dare to get out of a toxic relationship and do you know what these women have in common? There are 3 characteristics and it is what every woman needs:

Self love: They love each other and how they love each other, they do not accept in their life someone who does not value them, they have high self-esteem, women who love themselves always end up with a good man.

Safe: They know that they can get ahead if they set their mind to it, a confident woman is not afraid of living alone, rather she is afraid of living in bad company.

Faith: They have the conviction that when they make a difficult decision they are protected and supported by God.

And you have these 3 characteristics, practice them I assure you that your life will be transformed.

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