According to Mark Gurman, you will rent the iPhone, but not own it

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Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman delivers his weekly newsletter by email. The latest goes back to the rumor of the moment about the iPhone and a new payment system that Apple could offer in the future for users: location.

According to the journalist, financially, the apple firm has everything to gain with such a system. High-end iPhones are expensive, easily exceeding $1,000 now. It would therefore be interesting for many potential buyers to turn to renting the machine, with a small sum to be paid each month. Without therefore having to sacrifice during the purchase.

Thus, in the manner of what leasing is for cars, the Californian firm would consider rent your iPhone for a few tens of euros per month over several years.

To illustrate his point, Mark Gurman describes the following examples:

  • The iPhone 13 costs $799 across the Atlantic. Apple might lease it $35 per month for 3 years for exampleand withdraw a total amount of $1,260
  • The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max could then be rented for $45 and $50 per month respectively

The analyst makes it clear: even if Apple is positioned below its predictions in terms of monthly cost, the profits made would be much more interesting in the long term than what traditional sales provide.

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Furthermore, since it would be a rental system, the user would not own the machine. This means that at the end of the rental contract, the iPhone is to be returned to the Californian. Or a new contract is taken out, for a new smartphone or without changing it.

This rental system is obviously very questionable, for many reasons, including the most important to me: the fact of never owning your iPhone. In addition, if these predictions of Gurman come true, Apple could inflate the price of its iPhone to purchase to make the rental more attractive to the general public.

But it would seem that we should be prepared for it. The Californian firm was indeed working on a new financial service, codenamed “break out”. The latter would allow him to no longer depend on other organizations, in particular for his Apple Card, but also for other of his services facilitating the purchase of his products, including the 0% credits that we know in France, or the possibility of delaying a payment.

Of course, an iPhone rental system would go hand in hand with an even more independent Apple in terms of purchase services (credits, refunds, interest, etc.).

Without forgetting that in the longer term, it would be logical for the brand’s other devices, which are even more expensive than the iPhone, to also switch to such a rental system.

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In the meantime, we regularly encourage you to turn to refurbished to find iPhones at more affordable prices and try to offer you the best promotions on Apple products as often as possible. And if ever a payment over several years interests you, know that in France, mobile operators offer offers that allow you to become the owner of an iPhone after several monthly payments (up to 36 for example). It’s always better than a rental stricto sensu:

iPhone rental, what do you say?

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