According to this Apple executive “Samsung only made a bad copy” of the iPhone

Comparatif et différences iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 3

As yesterday we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the very first iPhone, journalist Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal took the opportunity to share the new documentary she made about it. During the latter, we can hear people like Greg Joswiak, Apple’s marketing manager or Tony Fadell, one of the “fathers” of the iPhone.

Part of the interview relates in particular to the time when Apple offered phones with much smaller screens than the competition, especially under Android. A period that Joswiak has not forgotten who assures that Apple was not technologically backward, quite the contrary.

According to him, the Apple brand would have had its technologies stolen by Samsung and others who would then have made up for their technological delay by producing “boring” telephones in its own words. He notably accused the Korean giant of having made “bad copies” of iPhones of the time.

One of the sentences that stood out the most from this interview was also spoken by Joswiak, who believes that Android manufacturers have simply “put a bigger screen” around stolen technologies from Apple.

The Galaxy S4, the biggest rival of the iPhone?

A vision of history that does not please everyone, and certainly not the main interested party Samsung. If we knew the Apple brand in competition with the Asian giant, relations seemed better lately, as the offer was expanding under Android and Samsung no longer seemed like the only opponent to beat, but like a among others.

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As a reminder, Samsung had chosen a 5-inch screen on its Galaxy S4, a revolution in 2013, while the iPhone 4 only offered a 4-inch screen. A real difference for the time. We had to wait for Apple’s first major change of course in the history of the iPhone with the arrival of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to see the Apple brand get closer to the 5-inch mark.

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