Actor Mauricio Martínez is misogynist and racist

Señalan de misógino y racista al actor Mauricio Martínez

Several users harshly criticized the actor on Twitter for his response to a woman in favor of abortion.

After flirting openly with Ricky Martin through social networks, the actor Mauricio Martinez Who is known for participating in important plays by Brodway, returns to controversy for exchanging comments with a Twitter user.

Several users harshly criticized Mauricio Martinez for her response to a woman in favor of abortion.

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This photo was taken 3 years ago today, days from making my long-awaited Broadway debut at the Marriott Maquis. I burst into tears as soon as it appeared to me as a memory earlier today. So many things have happened since then. I feel like someone else. I’m another person. Reading a few months ago that the theaters were likely to remain closed until September, helped me today – which was officially announced to remain closed for the remainder of the year – not completely taken by surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less painful. So many months locked up, without seeing anyone, and everything that has happened here in New York. We are very beaten. It is rumored that it will be between March and April 2021 when Broadway raises the curtain again. Not all mounts will survive. It will be the first time in history that Broadway has closed for a full year. Can you believe it? I still do not. It is not only the actors who are out of work. There are the ushers, the musicians, the stage managers, the technicians, lighting, stage, sound, costume designers, the dressing rooms, the people selling tickets, the candy store, the merchandise, the creatives, the press … and so many more ! The list is endless. Jobless. No income. Without health insurance. Today is a sad day for the theater family. I send love to each and every member of this community so beaten. I hope soon to be able to meet again in some rehearsal room, or in some audition, or sharing the stage, listening to the applause. See you soon, beloved theater … why the show must go on. And it will continue. Because if there is someone resilient, we are the ones who live from the theater. If you are reading this, please: wear a mask. The virus exists and is killing entire lives and industries. 💔 For now, here is my photo, in the theater where Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews, Ricky Martin, Bernadette Peters … and I have starred. 😭

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They exposed the user’s tweet, as well as the position of the Mexican actor, pointing him out as misogynist, classist and racist.

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Hiking kills. And the abortion ban too“Was the publication made by Renata Turrent.

How long have you not taken? That way, guys … Because I think … IT URGES YOU !!!“, answered Martinez.

Different people asked for respect for women and even reported it.

Given the multiple negative reactions, the actor published a video where he asks that if they do not like it, do not follow it.

This Sunday, the actor offered public apologies for the comments he made last Friday night and accepted that he was wrong:

I offer a public apology to anyone who offended Friday night with a series of very unfortunate tweets. If it takes, I didn’t tweet. I am an adult. The cables crossed me. I exceeded. I was wrong. I accept it and I take responsibility. And it was not ‘rattling’. I am very irritable“, wrote.

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