Adamari López dances to the rhythm of Toni Costa’s love

Adamari López baila al ritmo del amor de Toni Costa

Toni Costa and Adamari López.

Photo: Toni Costa / Courtesy

Yesterday we told you that the rumors that spoke of a crisis between Adamari Lopez Y Toni Costa they seemed to be nothing more than that: rumors.

Toni answered the possible separation with a very romantic photo where he not only declared his love for her, but even invited her to ‘laugh’, surely at the sayings.

And so that there is no doubt that the only thing there is between them is a love that grows day by day, the dancer, who spent all day playing the mystery about who was going to accompany him today in his virtual zumba class, he surprised with Adamari next to him.

As always, in love, happy, relying on the good and not so much. Ada, on the day of the announcement that she becomes an entertainment presenter at ‘Today’, the new show of Telemundo, he celebrated by dancing to the rhythm of the love of Toni Costa, with whom he has been in a relationship for almost 10 years.



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